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St Mary's Hospital is a general hospital with a paediatric department, which is comprised of 3 wards - Grand Union, Great Western, Westway (day surgery) and a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. 

Grand Union Ward specialises in Bone Marrow Transplants and haematology. Patients on this ward need to be taught in isolation and are often in hospital for longer periods of time. Great Western is a general paediatric ward and has cubicles for patients with infectious diseases. Westway is the Paediatric Short Stay Day Unit. 

The well-resourced schoolroom is located on Great Western Ward and patients from the general ward are encouraged to attend classes if their circumstances allow it. For those patients who are in isolation or must remain at their bedside, they are taught there. For recurrent and long term patients staff will liaise with their home school to ensure continuity of education. We have wireless internet access across the wards and use video conferencing to support learning for patients in isolation.

The highly qualified teaching team has been selected to ensure that all children’s needs are met from reception through to A-level. The classroom is split into a primary and a secondary area. We have input from various professionals in the visual and performing arts. We follow the National Curriculum using a thematic approach to teaching as we feel this helps short term patients engage more effectively.

The school is open 50 weeks of the year, shutting for only two weeks over Christmas. During holiday times the school runs an organised Arts and Craft programme. We are also a registered exam centre ensuring that students can sit exams even while they are in hospital.


Chelsea Community Hospital School
Great Western Ward
7th Floor QEQM Building
St Mary's Hospital
Praed Street
W2 1NY

Tel: 020 3312 6257