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Collingham Child and Family Centre is a Tier 4 mental health unit for up to twelve children between the ages of five and thirteen, who have complex emotional, behavioural and mental health needs.

There are three classrooms, one for each Key Stage 1-3, an art/pottery room, a sensory room, facilities for food technology, a lounge for play and meetings, a small but well-designed playground and a garden. Children attend weekly horse riding and swimming lessons and go on trips in the local area.

The teaching team consists of three teachers and a Learning Assistant/Reintegration Officer who provide access to all subjects of the National Curriculum at Key Stages 1,2 & 3. Each child has an initial assessment of their educational needs and an individual learning plan is agreed upon with the child and parents/carers. These plans are reviewed each half term.

When schools and/or parents/carers believe that a child needs more support to achieve their potential than they are currently receiving the teachers are available to advise on and contribute to the Statutory Assessment process which can lead to a child receiving additional support or attending a more specialised school.

Towards the end of a child’s admission, the teachers work closely with the parents/carers, home school and the Local Education Authority, to develop an agreed reintegration plan.

Chelsea Community Hospital School
Collingham Child and Family Centre
1A Beatrice Place
Marloes Road
W8 5LP

Tel: 020 3838 7803
Main office: 020 3838 7800