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CCHS Bake Off at Brompton

Students at the Brompton have been very busy completing the CCHS Bake off for another year running. The first week was 'Cake Week' and all students were very excited. We made vanilla cupcakes and then students had a choice of the decorations they wanted on their cake. Some students decided to make Biscoff buttercream icing - which smelled amazing!
The next week we partook in 'Biscuit week' making delicious oaty fruit cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Then, we moved onto savory bakes and made bread rolls for 'Bread week'. Some students got very creative and even made mini animal bread rolls using raisins for eyes! We also made swirls and plaited loaves. The bread almost doubled in size whilst proving and came out perfectly - they were a hit with both staff and students! Finally, this week has been 'Chocolate Week' which included a chocolate cake and homemade chocolate bars! The students in primary had a fantastic time planning their flavours of chocolate bar, designing a brand name and wrapper for their product before getting to make both the chocolate bars and packaging. As you can see, the chocolates and cake turned out brilliantly. We look forward to continuing the CCHS Bake off next half term.