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The butterfly that lost her wing

One of our students, Taya, age 6, told this wonderful story which we wrote down for her. She also drew some pictures to go along with it.

Once upon a time there was a butterfly called Tina. She was dark pink with light sports. She loved living in rose flowers because they smelled delightful.

One day she went into the woods for a little walk because she wanted to pick up different types of flowers for her house.

As she picked up the different flowers she would stop and smell them. Suddenly she heard scratching noises in the bushes she jumped in fright because she did not know what that noise was.

She flew away quickly into a lovely rose bush. Whilst in the rose bush she was shaking in fear when one of her wings got stuck on a sharp stick inside the rose bush.

As she was trying to free herself from the stick her wing broke off and she fell on to the ground. Suddenly as she looked up she saw some cats and screamed loudly. There was a dog nearby, he was busy digging a hole to hide his bone when he heard the scream. He stopped his digging and followed the noises when he saw the butterfly on the ground and cats threating her. He jumped in front of the cats and growled at them. The cats run away. ‘Don’t worry’ said the dog “I am here to help you. I will not hurt you”.  ‘My name is Leo’.

Could you please carry me back home to my family asked Tina? Where does your family live? Tina told him she lived in a rose bush down the road.

He lay low on the ground and asked Tina to crawl up his back. Leo took her back home. When he had dropped her off, he said I have to go now and hope you feel better. See you around.

Tina’s family took good care of her until she got better. Then she remembered she had to go and visit Leo and tell him ‘thank you’ for helping her and that she was much better and could fly again.

They become friends and they loved playing their favourite game hide and seek.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End!