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Principal's News

An exciting new beginning for CCHS!

We are fortunate that our Assistant Head, Marie Sherlock, will become the Head Teacher from September 2024. 

Over the past two years Marie has been Head Teacher for one day a week. This has meant that as well as her responsibilities for managing the education at Lavender Walk and an oversight of our policies, she will bring a lot of experience as a teacher and a manager. I cannot imagine anyone else who would be more highly qualified person to take on the role as the Head of the hospital school, 35 years after the opening in 1989. 

She is fortunate in the team she will be inheriting. If it takes a village to bring up a child, it takes a whole committed hard-working team to achieve the success all of you have had with supporting our young people. This has been helped by the amazing medical improvements that have changed the lives of our patients, enabling them to have successful careers and futures. There is nothing more rewarding in life than seeing a young person who was on oxygen and in a wheelchair, now teaching at the school; students who have had transplants succeeding at university or in their careers, and young people, who despite their admission to an inpatient psychiatric unit, responding  favourably to the support from CCHS. That has included working with a careers advisor, support workers, learning mentors, teachers with a wide range of subject knowledge, turning STEM into STEAM to include music, painting, pottery, poetry, crocheting and creative writing. The quality of this additional support is what has always made CCHS such a special place.

Worthy of separate mention is our superb Information and Technology structure, along with unfailing guidance and advice from our IT Director, ensuring that we are more than the sum of our parts.

Our Well at School website with the research into how to help schools support students with medical and mental health issues  has made an impact beyond CCHS — indeed it is read throughout the world. We need to ensure this continues to be supported.

 Where goest thou?

My heart is still with the necessity for Hospital Education, so I plan to continue with the aim of ensuring no paediatric hospital is without education here and abroad.

With thanks and best wishes to you all.

Janette Steel
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