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sayers_croft_1.jpegLast week we took our only GCSE geography student to Sayers Croft Field Centre to conduct field investigation for his coursework. There he joined a group of year 10 students from Carshalton Boys Sports College.



sayer_croft_2.jpeg sayer_croft_3.jpeg

On Wednesday we looked at the formation of a meander and oxbow lake, flow of current, erosion, deposition etc. then we conducted a group investigation on flow of current at three intersections of a meander.

meander_1.jpeg meander_2.jpeg

On Thursday we looked at management techniques on Leith Hill, then we visited Pitch Hill and Raynards Hill where we conducted ‘Path Erosion’ and ‘Trampling Intersect’ investigation for his coursework.

path_erosion_1.jpeg path_erosion_2.jpeg
transect_1.jpeg transect_2.jpeg

On Friday we visited Swallow's Tiles to have a look at the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors of industrialisation.

tile_factory_1.jpeg tile_factory_2.jpeg


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