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FCCHS is a registered charity (No. 1060218) which aims to support the work of Chelsea Community Hospital School by providing additional funding for the Hospital School at its various sites by:

  • offering an enjoyable and enriching educational experience for chronically ill children and young people whilst they are in hospital
  • promoting Chelsea Community Hospital School and the work of the Friends of Chelsea Children's Hospital School (FCCHS)
  • supporting school and FCCHS volunteers and supporters

Funds raised by the charity:

  • help keep the Hospital School open during the 12 weeks school holiday period whilst providing a youth club in the evenings so children and young people can have access to stimulating activities all year round
  • provide for art and drama therapy which help children to process difficult feelings associated with illness and hospital admission
  • enable the school to run our award-winning arts programme of art, poetry, music, pottery and photography
  • allow us to continue our support for post-16 pupils who have often been in hospital for a prolonged period of time and require continual support and guidance, even after statutory school age
  • guarantee weekly swimming and horse-riding sessions
  • enable enriching trips on our school mini-buses and access to special events
  • enable us to purchase essential IT and sensory equipment
  • provide funds for children at Collingham Child and Family Centre to go on an activity holiday during August

FCCHS raises funds for activities which are important to the development of the whole child with medical and/or mental health conditions but are not funded by the Department of Education. We are very grateful for the continuing support of everyone working with the FCCHS.

Members of FCCHS have run a weekly stall at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital since it opened 20 years ago. We are also delighted that our FCCHS team of volunteers are able to put so much creativity and energy into persuading local shops and businesses to donate gifts to raise money for the hospital school.

100+ Club
We want to raise regular income to support projects that help children at the Hospital School. The 100+ club is a lottery whereby members can buy one or more shares in the club annually and then have the chance of winning prizes, which will be awarded twice a year. We hope to sell at least 100 shares, thus having £1,000 in the pot, of which 30% will be awarded as prizes and 70% will go to the charity. Prize money will always be 30% of the total raised. The more shares we sell, the bigger the prizes and the more money we shall have to help children in the Hospital School.

For more information about FCCHS or to join this exciting initiative, please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager, Nissa on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.