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Charlotte - Teacher

Hello Charlotte, what do you do at the Hospital School?

I am a primary teacher in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital School. You will find me in the classroom working with a range of children from 4-11, probably covered in paint or glitter. 

What are the special things about working at the Hospital School?

It really is a very unique place to work.  I wanted to be a hospital teacher ever since I can remember. I think I watched a television programme about it and thought it looked like such a special job. I love that every day is different and that children of all ages work so well with each other.  The best part of my job is when a child achieves something that makes them feel proud. 

And finally a fact about yourself that we didn’t know before?

I was ballgirl at Wimbledon when I was 15 and 16. I love tennis and it was a fun way of seeing lots of it and meeting a few players. The only downside is that even now I can't watch tennis on television without watching the ballboys and ballgirls and thinking about when the next ball change or tie-break might be!