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With any of the challenges we face in life, the one thing that will help us cope with them is our own inner resilience.

"Training for a marathon, especially when you've never run that far before, certainly requires building up that resilience both physically and mentally. Each week I aim for three short runs and one long run. This Sunday I caught the early train east to Erith and then ran back alongside the river Thames for my longest marathon training run so far, 28km (17miles).
The first half was wonderfully bleak with far too many photographic possibilities! After 20k I was feeling less inclined to marvel at the scenery, so I put on my running music playlist and pushed on with thoughts of the hot bath awaiting me."

Please sponsor our intrepid music teacher, Martin, who will be running in the London Marathon on April 23rd, his first ever marathon(!) to help raise money for FCCHS, our school charity.