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Welcome from our Principal, Janette Steel

The sun is shining, showing up my rain and mud-streaked windows - surely there has been time for a spring clean? Thank goodness the relentless rain causing parks to be sodden has lifted.  Even my dog, Dolores, began to run and hide when the lead came to take her for yet another freezing cold walk - yes, we have warmth, light and some freedom to look forward to.

Good news, The Royal Brompton is again open for paediatrics and young people - that feels marvellous - thanks Heena for steadily steering the team through this difficult period ensuring excellent liaison with the medical staff who are delighted to welcome us back.

All other hospital school sites are open, and at our Bayswater Centre and Lavender Walk all staff and students are completing LF tests twice a week. 

Science has been the centre of our universe at present. Incredible minds are working together to produce an answer to solving the world's pandemic and we have more students wanting to study science and medicine and there is a flood of applications to become nurses. Haile one of our long-term students is applying to study medicine - so very wonderful.

However, we still need to keep the A in Stem - STEAM - creativity and problem solving are so very important in a well-rounded education.  Last week was the 250th anniversary of Keats, who died at 25, a doctor and a marvellous poet and a great thinker. An example of how poetry sustains our lives.

Money for Mohammed’s daughter came from a foundation that supports education for young people in the Levant - this will support her special needs education for 2021 – Jo, our ex pottery teacher has also been raising money for this young child.

Some of you will remember our students who came to CW hospital for surgery on facial tumours. For Triny, we managed to obtain some funding for her education when she returned home, we now have a request for funding for a student whose life was saved through surgery, and now is searching for funding for teacher training.  Cissi who studied at CW has no family to support her and no access to funds in Nigeria. We must help her to fulfil her dream.

I have included some data about girls’ access to education - I would like to extend our Charity to include support for grants for these girls. We have been asked to link  Up with Bridge of Hope who support children all over the world who have serious heart conditions.

Does anyone know a person who would be interested in becoming a Trustee of our Charity? Sadly, we have lost many of the young mums who volunteered so eagerly 33 years ago to fundraise for the arts in hospital education - they have been so very special and supportive - and greatly missed.  Many thanks to all of them and their families who have also been very eager to help in so many ways.

We have one new Trustee, Professor Clarke, who is an oncologist and keen to support our hospital school. If you know anyone who may be interested in becoming a Trustee, please let me know.

You may be interested in this information:  6 graphs on GPE’s results in gender equality and girls’ education

best wishes

Janette Steel OBE