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It's all about the plan!

Martin's latest marathon training update.

"This week's long run was from the west (Gunnersbury) 20km/12miles alongside the river, and part of my usual cycle to work route. I’m following Hal Higdon’s novice marathon training plan which so far I’ve managed to stick to. Hal reckons that his plan has helped more than a half million runners reach the finish line of a 26 mile 385 yard race, so I've put my faith in Hal's plan - six weeks to go!"

Please sponsor our intrepid music teacher, Martin, who will be running in the London Marathon on April 23rd, his first ever marathon(!) to help raise money for FCCHS, our school charity.
Thank you to the latest sponsors John and Deirdre. Also thanks to Jan who has pledged a Euro for each kilometre of the marathon distance!