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Congratulations Cissy!

Cissy came to our Hospital School from Uganda supported by the charity Facing the World, to receive treatment for a facial tumour at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital between 2011 and 2013.

Cissy was remarkable - although she was away from her family, and facing the unknown outcome of her forthcoming treatment she always remained cheerful, engaged and desperate to learn. She had an amazing talent for engaging with others, adults, professionals and children alike.

After Cissy returned to Uganda she began studying to become a primary school teacher, supported by our school team and friends, who together raised over £1500 to help her continue her education at the Madrasa Early Childhood and Development Institute in Kampala. Thank you to all staff who so generously supported Cissy in realising her dream. 

Congratulations Cissy, you touched our hearts and your graduation photos and your determination to teach is a very special gift to us all, please keep in touch and we wish you every success with your future career.

Janette Steel