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John wrote this amazing story in his English session.
Chapter 1Transfer 

It was a cold rainy morning, and Dolla Dollason Smith hit the up button on the elevator. The elevator was a large iron cage which seemed to rattle as it approached the surface. Dolla had already been up 2 elevators and a escalator. Every day. For the past 11 years. The same old crystal polished floors, the same old clink when the modern elevators departed, the same old spray of water if it was raining outside. Today it was. But today was special. It was the day she would be transferred to B-division. Usually she made this route every day at leaving time, but it was lunch break. And there was a slightly different route. She clambered out of the elevator and heading towards the black B-Division Building. As she did she was coated with rain. She took shelter inside. Suddenly a voice was heard behind her! The figure was in a small shadow and could not be seen.

"Hello. I've been sent up to greet you and welcome you to B-Division." the voice claimed.

Dolla was scared. The man was shoruded in darkness, and yet he had such a nice voice? A man began to step out of the darkness. Dolla took a few steps back but fell over and hit her head on a large table.


Dolla woke up in a hospital bed. As she opened her eyes, she saw the blurred figure of a red-haired man. Yikes! That was the same figure she saw right before she fell unconsious! Dolla jumped up and ran, only to be confronted by a red-haired, apparently slightly good-looking? What was she saying..about those big blue eyes..nononothisisnotrighthowcanibesosillyastobe..truly in love at fight sight!

 Chapter 2B-Division 

Dolla walked out of the hospital wing, and down at least 4 corridors, to find herself in the middle of the beautiful 26-storey high foyer. She admired the gushing modern-esque waterfall which seemed to be gushing down through the ultra-polished floor into the deep earth. Suddenly a flash appeared before her eyes. It was her and the man sitting on a ledge behind the waterfall, looking down on the tiny ants of the other people below. What? Why did she just think that! She ignored her thoughts and walked to a sign saying:

 Transfer and New Employees Reception ++Lab 9-17 ++Red7 Stairs and Lift ++Emergency Exit ++ 

Dolla was for some reason scared by the fact that an emergency exit was marked on a sign. She guessed that “Transfer and New Employees Reception” was were new or transferred employees had to go. Obviously. At the reception, Dolla was greeted by a nice lady who told her to wait in “Initial Job Briefing Room 7”. After about 2 hours of sitting around doing nothing, a man came into the room. It was him.

“Hi. I’m Ned, Head of Workers in Sector 56. Welcome to B-division.” said Ned. Dolla tried to run but she realised that Ned was not going to harm her.

“H..h..hel..hello….mmmmmm.mm.m.mm.my.mymmymymmymym.my name is…….d.d.d.Dolla!” she exclaimed shyly.

Ned walked over to a machine and began to press certain buttons.

“Lots of people feel a bit overwhelmed when they transfer. Nothing to be afraid of though.” said Ned.

Dolla was not bewildered by the new job. It was Ned who was winning her over.

“Yeah. Yeah a bit. I did feel a bit. You know.” she said still shyly.

“It wears off after about a week. If that.”

 Chapter 3“It wears off after about a week. If that.” 

A week had passed since dolla transferred. She saw Ned a few times, and instead of the effects wearing off, they seemed to get worse. Was it B-division’s long winding corridors and maze-like structure, or her possible love for Ned? No it couldn’t be the latter; she had no love for Ned. But it couldn’t be the former either! B-division was a bit overwhelming, that was true. But it wouldn’t make her like this? What was ‘like this’ anyway! Could this be only on a subconscious level! But then that throws in Ned again, her subconscious love. What?! Subconscious love! What was she thinking?


Dolla was having a good day today. She was enjoying her new job (secondary assistant to the vice head of lab assistants), and she WAS overwhelmed by B-division a lot. Just look at the map.


And that’s just lab 297. But Dolla really couldn’t get over last week. She had to confront Ned.


Chapter 4



Dolla was doing it now. She walked up the Green2 stairs, into the Sector 56 Executive Offices. She walked briskly down the corridor, and knocked on the door marked ‘Head of Workers’. She was greeted by Ned’s warm face.

“Yes, Dolla.” said Ned softly.

“I just wanted to ask you something.” said Dolla.

“Go on.”



“Nothing. Sorry.”

Dolla walked out. She couldn’t do it. She just couldn’t do it. OH WHAT THE HECK! Dolla kicked the door so furiously it broke off its hinges, literally jumped over Ned’s desk, and kissed him.

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