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english.gifjake_poppin_small.jpgMason (8) wrote this amazing story using the traditional tale of Cinderella as his base. He decided that Princess Mary needed more than a Ball to select her 'Prince' to marry!


Once upon a time there was a boy called Jake Poppin. He lived with his step- mum and his four ugly step-sisters in the town of Kanoo. They make him drive them around, carry all their heavy things and polish the floors. The Queen of Kanoo had a beautiful 24 year old daughter who really wanted to get married and have some children of her own. Together the Queen and her daughter came up with a special plan. At the Castle they had a maze. On Tuesday the 23 June, all single men in the country were invited to come and try the maze. Whoever got through the maze first, Princess Mary would marry. Jake wanted to have a go at getting through the maze but he had to get up early to finish all his jobs before his four ugly step-sisters and step-mother got up. He very quickly did his jobs and ran to the castle. A Fairy Godmother helped him get through the maze by giving him a pair of super-glasses that helped him see all the way round and helped him go fast in the maze. Because Jake was running so fast, the super-glasses fell of his face and Jake couldn’t see where he was and found himself lost. Eventually he found a way out of the maze but he was too late for Princess Mary. (Actually no one got through the maze).  Princess Mary found Jake’s super glasses. She decided that whoever the glasses fit she would marry – this was her excellent plan.She went across the whole town but the glasses didn’t fit anyone. Finally she came to Jake’s house. She knocked on the door. Jake answered the door (because that was one of his jobs). He tried on the super glasses and of course they fit him perfectly (because Jake’s eyes were smaller than anyone in the whole world the glasses could only fit him!).

Princess Mary took one look at Jake and said ‘I should marry you once and for all’ and she did. Together they lived happily every after.


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